Why is Medisoft Simply Better?

Streamlined Scheduling & Billing

In a small practice, every bit of revenue counts. You need a practice solution that reduces the administrative burden of your practice while helping to improve patient care and the reimbursement for that care. The Medisoft suite of solutions from eMDs does just that. The core Medisoft practice management system provides a powerful workflow engine to manage the scheduling, billing and revenue management functions of your practice.

Patient Intake Mobile application for iPad® and Android™

Mobile reduces data entry time, helping to free up staff to focus on more meaningful tasks. Simply hand your patients the mobile device, and through the Medisoft Mobile application they can enter their new information and edit already-existing information.

New in Medisoft Version 21

Online Appointment Scheduling: With Medisoft 21, your practice can allow patients to schedule and request appointments right from your website. They can also enter their basic demographics, which will speed up the intake process once the patient shows up in your practice.

ICD10 Search Tool: As carriers begin enforcing the selection of proper codes, the ICD10 search tool included in Medisoft 21 will help ease this transition. The natural language query included will allow users to search by code, by description, or even visually by clicking on anatomical diagrams.

Practice Cleanup Utility: Over the course of time, it’s inevitable that your Medisoft PM software will accrue data that was entered mistakenly, or is just not quite accurate. This can result in reports that show incorrect balances, statements going out to patients with incorrect balances, and much more. Medisoft 21 will allow you to specify a point in time, and write off all balances prior to that time, resulting in more precise data and making it easier to implement solutions such as BillFlash Patient Statements, AutoRemind appointment reminders, or Trizetto/RelayHealth EDI services.

Integrated Appointment Reminder System: AutoRemind offers practices the ability to send appointment reminders to patients via phone calls, secure emails, and text messages. As patients confirm their appointments, your Medisoft 21 system will be updated to reflect that confirmation status. *Additional Monthly Fees Apply.

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